IPL revives interest in cricket?

An interesting bit of news from New Zealand calls for some speculation. However, let us see the information first before speculating on it.

The number of people registered to play cricket in New Zealand exceeded 104,000 during the summer, only the second time in the sport's recorded history that the 100,000 participation mark has been achieved.

End of season figures released by New Zealand Cricket (NZC) showed attendances at international matches during the 2008-09 season reached 209,228 - 16 percent ahead of the season target of 180,000.

Though the research points to the high profile Test series that took place last summer (West Indies and the Indian tour), I believe the increase in interest is due to the high profile signing up of McCullum by NSW plus the recent speculation whether he will play for Otago or NSW in the Champions League.

Also there are other New Zealand cricketers like Nathan Astle who are sought after by the rebel leagues. A survey taken among New Zealand cricketers a couple of months ago had revealed that a majority believed that signing up with IPL as an apogee of their cricketing career.

Carrying these information forward and also together, I speculate that it is the success of the Twenty20 format as seen in IPL behind this surge in interest.

Do you agree?
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Blogger Q said...

Looks like u have a case there ott.. It might just be cos of the IPL.

29/05/2009, 20:12  
Blogger lviss said...


30/05/2009, 07:16  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Like it or not Twenty29 is exerting a lot of influence on the cricketers.

If a cricketer like Gilchrist says that winning the IPL is up with the World Cups he won, it is time to acknowledge the phenomenon.

30/05/2009, 07:29  
Blogger Q said...

I acknowledged it last year itself!

Remember Shane Warne when he said that the IPL was more intense than any int'l cricket he had played?

30/05/2009, 07:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Now that most of us agree that IPL is cricket, the question dogging everyone's mind is whether it is good for cricket per se.

That has to be resolved.

30/05/2009, 07:47  
Anonymous Stani Army said...

Ooo, I dunno Ott. It's certainly not the case over here in the UK. The domestic Twenty20 has just begun and some counties are reporting sales down as much as 40%.



I like twenty20 when it's done right. Even for the purist it can be a good thing. Its just that people like Lalit Modi have poisoned it.

30/05/2009, 09:47  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I believe it will change once England or an English player tastes even moderate success in a Twenty20 tournament.

30/05/2009, 09:54  
Blogger Ankit Poddar said...


though the data do not essentially show a causal relationship, one can be rest assured, they are co related!

esp when jacob oram goes on record to say that he will give up tests for t20!

30/05/2009, 11:07  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I believe the cricketers themselves have accepted that Twenty20 is the way to go.

It is only the media particularly those in England who are adamantly ignoring this.

30/05/2009, 11:40  
Blogger lviss said...


30/05/2009, 14:28  
Blogger Q said...

I think its good Ott.. its created its own niche and that segment of the market love the format..

30/05/2009, 20:36  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Will it crossover to the mainstream?

31/05/2009, 09:39  
Blogger Q said...

Mainstream meaning what exactly Ott?

I think its already there...

31/05/2009, 09:52  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I like your confidence.:)

31/05/2009, 10:00  

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