Mendis has the jitters

The hype seems to have got to Ajantha Mendis.

Yesterday he was saying that the Indian batsmen have unraveled his secrets.

Today, he is pleading Don't expect too much from me.

It is obvious that Mendis is worried about the backlash if he fails to justify the hype.

Hence, he is trying to tone down expectations.




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Blogger Damith S. said...

I think he has justified the hype eh. Highest wicket taker in the series.

Pleading is a bit much wouldnt you say :P

09/09/2008, 19:58  
Blogger Sumit said...

we should be grateful to him for exposing our seniors ;)

09/09/2008, 20:13  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


A warm welcome.

He has undoubtedly delivered. Therein lies the problem. Everyone expects more than humanly possible. That is why he is trying to tone down the hype.

Pleading- that is a poetic licence. :)

09/09/2008, 22:05  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Reminds me of how Imran Khan and the gang pulled the plug on our 'spinning' greats. :)

09/09/2008, 22:07  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

looks like mahela's oral crap has got to mendis. honestly, with the captain speaking in fucked tongue, what do you expect from the rest? Repeat, the lankan talk's totally outta character.

11/09/2008, 12:04  

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