Dutch Cricket - In a world of its own

While the established cricketing nations are doing their level best to kill Test cricket, the Dutch Cricket administrators are fighting to implement a two –day component into their domestic game.


Their justification for proposing the two-day format:


The proponents of bringing a two-day component into the top level of the Dutch domestic game have a lot of work to do to persuade the bulk of the cricketing community not only that the move would enhance the sport, but that it is essential for the long-term health of the shorter forms of the game as well.

In all top cricket countries, the skills which the leading players exhibit in the one-day game, and now in Twenty20, have been developed, honed and refined in two-, three- or four-day cricket, of which the shorter forms are basically a concentration. The Associates face a huge handicap because they are trying to reverse that process.

If the argument for multi-day cricket simply has to be won if Dutch cricket is to progress, it's less obvious how it can most effectively be introduced.

The fundamental choice is between adapting the existing league structure to make room for two-day matches alongside the current 50-over format – the option proposed by Top Cricket Nederland – and creating an entirely new, regional competition between the Hoofdklasse and international cricket.


However, it is distressing to see that a two-day tournament have to be justified as a means to develop theTwenty20 skills of the Dutch cricketers.




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Blogger Naked Cricket said...

are the dutch fornicating themselves

11/09/2008, 12:00  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Worse, they are playing with themselves. :)

11/09/2008, 12:47  

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