Why should the BCCI share the IPL pot?

If it was an unnamed official earlier, now it is the turn of the Sri Lankan Captain Mahela Jayawardene to demand a share from IPL.


"The BCCI also needs to understand that we can't be playing four Twenty20 tournaments in a year. What happens to other cricket around the world then?" Jayawardene said. "Everyone's being driven by the money but you have to compromise and start sharing the pot."


I find his insistence illogical. The IPL is the only domestic Twenty20 tournament that welcomes overseas cricketers with hitherto unimaginable salaries. The other cricketing nations barring England conduct their Twenty20 Championship's without involving overseas players.


Letting overseas players reap rich rewards for their sporadic participation in IPL means that IPL is indeed sharing its booty. Why should the BCCI or its creation IPL compensate their boards? If Mahela and his mercenary troops are concerned about the financial health of their cricketing association, let them share a percentage of the colossal sum they make in IPL.



Blogger Straight Point said...

infact respective board should ask their players to share some booty out of their salaries...if not for them they wont be playing even domestic leave alone playing IPL...

they are still in awe of how much money we make...if you have guts go organize your own IPL...

10/09/2008, 16:22  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


On the dot. The joke is Sri Lanka do not have the sponsors to launch an event which rivals IPL.

10/09/2008, 17:18  
Blogger Homer said...

First, the " Indians dont have fighting spiirit" quote ( after losing the ODI series) ..

Now, the

"The BCCI also needs to understand that we can't be playing four Twenty20 tournaments in a year. What happens to other cricket around the world then?"

What four tournaments is Jaywardene talking about? And who has invited the Sri Lankans to the other three?

What Jaywardene needs to understand is that his team members are contemplating retirements to play in the IPL because of the intransigence of the SLCB.

And he also needs to understand that there is no pressure on him to show up for the next edition of the IPL - he can very well go to England to play the 2 Tests there - is he willing to lose out on the money the IPL guarantees for an impromptu series agreed between the ECB and the SLCB to shore up the SLCB's finances (with no guarantees on boosting player revenues from the said monies)...

Seriously, Jayawardene needs to stop smoking
whatever it is that he has been puffing!!!

10/09/2008, 19:13  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I have long felt that Mahela took himself too seriously.

The BCCI should invite him for a one on one with Niranjan Shah.

10/09/2008, 19:36  
Blogger Sarah Laurence said...

Ottayan, wow, you do know a lot about cricket. It's almost like speaking another language. Thanks so much for telling me about the pink balls - that will be a fun fact to use in my novel.

11/09/2008, 04:19  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Sarah,Thank you very much for visiting my blog.
I wish your novel all success and hope it becomes as successful, if not more than 'Netherlands'.

11/09/2008, 04:48  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

he's a strange fruit alright. totally outta character - off late, he's been more arjuna, less mahela.

11/09/2008, 11:56  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I think it is a policy decision taken by SLC that they will keep harping on the compensation.

11/09/2008, 12:46  

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