Sri Lankan Cricket - Solidarity in hope of a loan?

There are conflicting reports emanating out of Sri Lanka on the Harbhajan ban.


We heard the great white chief Ranatunga saying that Sri Lanka may have quit one-day series if Harbhajan's was slapped with a ban.


The beauty is, this supposed walk – out became known after the repeal of the ban, a brazen attempt to cozy up to India without antagonising Australia.


This impression gained ascendancy when numerous reports of cash strapped Sri Lankan CA relying on the BCCI for financial support. So now, this belated statement of solidarity would have worked if Ranatunga had ensured that everyone in the Sri Lankan CA knew that the walkout talk was an eyewash.


Unfortunately, for Ranatunga, he forgot to tell his Captain Jayawardene about this ploy. The result Jayawardene has unwittingly revealed Harbhajans ban or no ban they were always going to play.


Aha! The talk of a walk out was for milking India for a loan.


Now, Ranatunga has the unenviable task of proffering explanations to the BCCI.










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