Let go or call off the series

I have grave misgivings on continuing to play in Australia.


All parties concerned say the Symonds – Harbhajan saga is finished but in the same breath, come out with statements indicating otherwise.


Take for instance Vengsarkar, the Chief of Selectors, he wants Procter's head. The less said about FICA President Tim May the better. He, if I am to understand correctly, wants ICC and CA mulcted.


The Australian players follow him. If reports are to believed the Australian cricketers are sending a letter to the CA expressing solidarity with Symonds and indicating their anguish at the lack of support from their association.


No one, I say no one wants to let go. All of them want retribution and everything short of bloodshed and mayhem.


Taking a cue from the players, officials and associations, the highly excitable public has started their rough and ready justice.


As a precursor, there are reports that Murali had egg thrown in his face. If this is the fate of an unconnected person, imagine what is in store for India.


To prevent relations from deteriorating further, call off the series and conduct it later at a neutral avenue.

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