Cricket corruption: First ever-criminal convictions

Undoubtedly, a criminal conviction for cricket corruption is a major breakthrough, but where does it leave cricket?

I would say that cricket administrators, cricketers and cricket fans have a long way to go. The evidence of the past weeks confirms what we cricket lover's long suspected-cricketers are mere mortals and corruption in cricket has permeated corrosively to now challenge its existence.

Obviously, it is not the time for cricket administrators to rest and believe the game has been cleansed and inoculated from further remissions.

Similarly, it is not time yet for cricketers to believe there are no black sheep in their midst. In fact, it is the time for them to be watchful and on their guard.

Importantly, it is not time yet for cricket fans and fanatics to lose hope and conclude that every match is fixed and players corrupt. It is the time to support the game with renewed fervor and show the match-fixers and other assorted charlatans that in spite of their shenanigans they still love the game.


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