Are Indian’s natural cricketers?

According to Zaheer Khan, fast bowling does not come naturally. In an interview, he said, "It's not a natural thing. Indian bodies are not designed to bowl fast but that said, it's not very different from bowling outside India. Basically you have to spend a lot of time understanding yourself, your art, and then find out what works for you and what doesn't. It also involves a lot of hard work".

Though Zaheer Khan limited himself to fast bowling, I could not help but mull whether Indian's are natural cricketers.  Are Indian's built for playing cricket? Are they flexible enough to take the constant crouching and stretching cricket involves? Can their bodies adjust to long periods of inactivity and sudden bursts of activity?

I sincerely, doubt that we are as a nation natural at sports. Limiting myself to cricket, I believe Kapil Dev to be the only natural cricketer from India and barring him we are 'unaturals' at cricket.

Do you agree?


Blogger straight point said...

just curious... what you think of gavaskar in terms of 'natural' cricketer who had cricket fitness to last 5 days of rigorous examination by bowlers...?

and welcome back (again...)

14/10/2011, 13:38  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Gavaskar is a self made cricketer,he labored to play it.

15/10/2011, 15:54  
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