Dedicating the World Cup to Sachin, India and all that

I know I am a minority, but tell me why the Indian players carried Sachin on their shoulders during the first lap around the stadium. I am also at a loss to understand who let his children join the victory parade.

Surely, it is time the nation as an entity comes out of its Sachin fixation and start giving the likes of Gambhir, Kohli, Raina,Yuvraj and Dhoni their due. It is also time we stopped attributing victories to Sachin’s experience or presence in the team.


Anonymous Deepa said...

I have to agree with you, hands down on this. There is too much idolisation of Sachin in Indian cricket, that we forget the real contributors. I stopped watching cricket, when the whole teams performance was pivoted on sachin, or thats how it was projected. Too much hype for a person, whose intentions of playing for the nation/playing for records have not been defined.

03/04/2011, 14:25  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

I agree with you about other contributors, chaps like Dravid, Ganguly, et al have done yeoman service to Indian cricket and have been unceremoniously sidelined for their pains.

03/04/2011, 16:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know my stand on sachin mania ott...

But at the same time how can you stop his team mates dedicating world cup win to him?

How can you stop his team mates if they want to do a victory lap carriying him on his shoulders...?

- SP

03/04/2011, 17:36  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


There was until recently a notorious sandalwood smuggler called Veerappan who terrorised both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. He was killed a couple of years ago.

In one of the police brieifngs on the events that led to his killing, the men in charge were at pains to explain that though their team killed Veerapan, it was result of all the police operations that slowly whittled Veerappan's team.

Though Sachin is not a Veerapan, he has hijacked Indian cricket and anything and evreything that happens is atrributed to him. It is time to educate the younger cricketers the contributions made to Indian cricket by others namely, Dravid,Ganguly, etc.,

This will stop the younger cricketers from dedicating a team victory to a single person and making foolish comments such as Sachin was carrying Indian cricket for 20 years, thats why we are carrying him now.

03/04/2011, 17:56  
Anonymous vmminerva said...

Thanks for that, Ott! Kirsten deserved the victory lap, not Tendulkar.

I was offended when Gambhir said this was for Tendulkar. Was eleated when Harbhajan said this is for the ppl of India! So many of us mad caps and many even madder who would give anything for this.

Tendulkar did yesturday what he has done for over a decade in big matches - not make a difference. I can list instances that date back to the WC match in '99 against Aus.

On a lighter note, good to see some kind words from you on Ganguly, Dravid, et all.

Cheers mate!

03/04/2011, 18:30  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Cheers mate. I have a lot of respect for Dravid and Ganguly. However, my opinion that Dravid has passed his sale by date still stands.:)

03/04/2011, 18:37  
Anonymous Shimaksy said...

Not just Ganguly and Dravid, there have been many a young player who has been denied a place in team, just coz they had to accommodate Sachin in the team, whether he is in form or not.

I cant stop myself from saying this, but during the 2010 Final IPL match, when Mumbai lost to Chennai, whatever politics be behind it. The crowd was so unwarm, when they left without a trace, even before the presentation ceremony was over. And I could imagine, if Srilanka had won the World Cup, no wonder they would have meted out with a similar response. And one of the main factors would be that Sachin couldn't lay his hands on the World cup, during his tenure.

I can count the number of times, in the past when Sachin has vigorously contributed to a big win. If he is closer to a century, he would drastically reduce his speed, so he gets the centum, unaffected by the run rate suffering.

03/04/2011, 19:37  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Yes, numerous times the teams composition was altered to keep Sachin playing as an opener. I remember one world cup campaign the team wanted him to play at no 3 but he refused and continued to hog the opener position.

03/04/2011, 19:44  
Anonymous Shimaksy said...

S Ottayan.

Atleast now, I hope people start, enjoying it as a game...and not for individuals. Appreciation is good, but when it goes overboard...it is equal to religious fanaticism.

My closes friends deem him God, and only when u r out of that daze, u realize how self-concentrated he has been over the years...yet had the auro of Mr. Goody-two-shoes.

When Azhar, and some other players were caught in the match-fixing turmoil, I remember thinking, he doesnt need to get into match-fixing, he earns equal and more with endorsements.

03/04/2011, 20:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so sad to know that in India, its uncool to not-like Sachin.

03/04/2011, 20:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Not only is it sad, it is also dangerous to dislike Sachin.:)

03/04/2011, 20:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, So true... I might fall short of a few considerable number of friends if I do ;p

03/04/2011, 20:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am not sure why there is so much lack of appreciation for Sachin.He has single handedly kept the interest of cricket lovers alive.He has carried the banner of true spirit alive in times when ppl like Jadeja/Azhar were busy making big bucks through fixing matches.Sachin stood tall with Jadeja,Azhar,Mongia and Prabhakar in the team and came out unblemished.2003 world cup he took India to the final single handedly with no support from others.This world cup lest you forget he scored 498 runs,3 man of the matches and of course his score against Pakistan was crucial for India.Yet this humble man has taken every thing in his stride,nurtured youngsters guided them through difficult phases.No wonder they attribute this victory to Sachin Tendulkar.

21/04/2011, 15:56  

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