Guwahati 6th ODI: Bad Light may prove decisive

India has win back to back matches to win the series. Unfortunately for them, the most decisive ODI of the series is being played at Guwahati.

The Indian cricket team has to pull something extraordinary because at Guwahati there are too many imponderables in the mix.

Firstly an early start and secondly an early close means the toss becomes important.

If Dhoni chooses to bat on winning the toss, then his batsmen will have to confront seaming conditions at least for the first 2 hours of the innings. Knowing the Indian batsmen's penchant for fishing outside the off stump, Dhoni might frown at this option but the Australian bowlers will contemplate the prospect of bowling first with glee.

The alternative, batting second, will provide Dhoni little comfort. Bad light will certainly raise its ugly head and the D/L method may decide the fate of the match.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative that the Indian team should pull together.

If India is to win this crucial ODI, Sehwag has to connect and Nehra has to find the edges.


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Got your comments section messed up again?

08/11/2009, 16:25  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Let us hope it does not reoccur again.:)

09/11/2009, 05:50  

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