Guwahati ODI : India gambles and loses series

performative failImage by R▲▲S via Flickr
The best thing that could have happened to Dhoni would have been losing the toss. Unfortunately he won.This presented him with a Hobsons choice.

For if he elected to bat first, then his batsmen would have to overcome seaming conditions. If he chose to bat second then bad light would have made it a mad scramble to beat the D/L method.

The fact that Dhoni risked batting first shows how much faith he reposed on his bowlers.

As expected the India batsmen failed to counter the swing deployed by the Australian bowlers.

So badly did they bat (27 for five in nine overs) that the 170 they made in 48 overs can be almost called remarkable.

However, the total proved too little for the Australians who had their tails up and they effectively closed the series 4-2 without working up much of a sweat.
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