IPL II - A revised schedule?

Lalit Modi, Chairman and Commissioner, Indian Premier League (IPL), doused speculation regarding conducting IPL matches overseas by reaffirming that the IPL season II will be played during April-May in India.

He however said that the schedule will have to take into account the Lok Sabha elections and revised. This could mean some franchisees losing the opportunity to host all the 7 matches in their home city.

The tinkering has meant that Mumbai replaces Jaipur as the inaugural venue. For the record, Bangalore the home city of the Bangalore Royal Challengers hosted the inauguration last year, promptly lost the match and from then on never recovered.

Interestingly Modi’s detractors in the Rajasthan Cricket Association allege that having lost in the organizational elections, the Lok Sabha polls provided him the excuse to deprive Jaipur city the honour of hosting the IPL inaugural event.


Blogger lviss said...

But will it take place as scheduled. so much to be covered.

07/03/2009, 20:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...


It will go through. Even Chidambaram said that he was all for staging IPL.

08/03/2009, 06:09  

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