PCB has made a mess of Pakistan Cricket

The news channels in India are showing CCTV clips of the terrorists involved in the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers making a leisurely get away.

If that were not shocking enough, the PCB appears to have completely ignored the security requirements of the officials.

Davis, who was travelling in the same car as the match referee Chris Broad, said in Melbourne he felt "let down" by the officials in Pakistan. "We were certainly left with no security in our van when we were fired upon, security obviously went with the Sri Lankan bus when they managed to get away but we were left there and no one came back for us,'' Davis said.

"We were all down on the floor and weren't gonna put our head up for anything. Our bus was just left in the roundabout and despite them getting back to the stadium, no one came back for us."

If one adds Davis anger with what the match referee Chris Broad had to say, it is clear that PCB was blasé about the security. Having worked hard to break Pakistan’s seclusion, the PCB appears to have compounded it further by their lackadaisical attitude to security.

Sadly, due to their cavalier attitude Pakistan cricket will suffer.


Blogger Soulberry said...

What is your opinion on the potential or said fall out of this on India?

05/03/2009, 16:52  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

It is going to affect international cricket in India. A very high price will have to be paid by the BCCI to rope in foreign teams.

Left yo me I would stage matches involving India in other countries. It would save me a lot of head ache.:)

05/03/2009, 17:00  
Blogger lviss said...

A real mess .It is going to affect their cricket.

06/03/2009, 19:50  

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