Make Cricket India's National game.

If one were to go by popularity then Cricket is the most popular game in India. If one were to go by results, the Indian cricket team has brought more laurels. If one were to go by financial might and its off-shoot power, then Indian cricket rules the roost.

Then isn't it time to make cricket India's national game?

Mansur Ali Khan Patudi thinks it is time cricket replaced hockey as India's national game and I have no intention of diagreeing with him.

Do you believe Cricket should be India's national game?

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Blogger Naked Cricket said...

via media: crockey, play hockey with bats.

ott, reckon it's ok like this. national games aren't half as cool. and if there's a dip after it goes national, we'll never hear the last of it. And if there's a surge, there will be two national games. hockey and

02/01/2009, 23:37  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Better not to bother about these things as long as the going is good.When we fail in other sports not much is made but with cricket it is different.

03/01/2009, 07:15  
Blogger Straight Point said...

already they are not caring enough and if hockey strips of national game status...even god wont be able to save it...

am for hockey to remain our national game...cricket can take care of itself...any day...anytime...

03/01/2009, 18:24  
Blogger suresh said...

no b coz in hockey we are far behind n so its need a support for its upliftment ,n the way will be bit easier if it will be national game .
on the other hand cricket is already at its peak and our board is self dependent .

03/01/2009, 23:45  
Anonymous lazybug said...

Not required...unless making it the national game means there will be an automatic rise in the quality of facilities at the first-class level.

09/01/2009, 17:20  
Blogger Ravindran said...

Gilly, the unproven predecessor of cricket, should be made the nat sport.

12/01/2009, 07:15  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Gilly thanda can definitely get us an Olympic medal- i.e., before China adopts it. :)

12/01/2009, 10:05  

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