Blame the BCCI.

Sri Lanka CricketImage via WikipediaImage via WikipediaAs anticipated, the confusion over Sri Lanka’s tour to Pakistan is being attributed to the BCCI.

To recap, Sri Lanka readily agreed to replace India and tour Pakistan. Then internal bickering between Ranatunga who headed the Interim Committee and the Sri Lankan Sports Minister came to the fore and resulted in the formers ouster. After a period of indecision, Sri Lanka confirmed the tour of Pakistan only to ask for some modifications later.

Instead of playing three Tests and five one-dayer, Sri Lanka now wants to play just two Tests, three ODIs and a Twenty20 game a change that can be easily incorporated. Along with this modification, SLC also requested PCB to postpone the tour to mid February.

This postponement has set off allegations of BCCI’s interference, in part because if Pakistan accommodates Sri Lanka’s request, then it will put its scheduled tour in jeopardy. Pakistan believes this as an attempt by Sri Lanka to scuttle its tour at the behest of the BCCI.

In its rush to blame the BCCI the Pakistani newspaper ‘Jang’ appears to have conveniently forgotten that firstly, the Interim committee that agreed to the tour has been accused of many things namely not consulting with the Sri Lankan government and the players. The second issues gains prominence as Sri Lankan press reported that Jayawardene had met with the Sri Lankan Sports Minister to express the player’s safety concern over the tour.

Secondly, left to itself, the BCCI would have gone ahead with India’s tour to Pakistan and the decision to severe ties was a political decision.

Instead of blaming others, despite its protestations to the contrary, the PCB and its cahoots should realize that Pakistan is unsafe and teams would prefer to keep away.

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Blogger Ravindran said...

Srilanka is in a position to demand their requirements since Pakistan needs the tour badly.Instead of acting in haste Pakistan could have waited patiently till the situation normals.

02/01/2009, 07:35  
Anonymous rs said...

SL is in a strong bargaining positioning with Pakistan and are probably trying to appease all parties both internal and external (including the BCCI?).

02/01/2009, 08:56  
Blogger Straight Point said...

i second RS...they definitely want to make-up with bcci after tunga's sacking...

besides...pcb is not helping their cause on giving conflicting reactions...they should calm down a bit and not work in haste to make a point to the world...

02/01/2009, 14:02  
Blogger Q said...

But but but the BCCI did approach Lanka for a tour knowing that the PCB was in talks with them.

05/01/2009, 13:50  

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