Mohali Test – Day 4

3.55 P.M

Australia on its knees.
The match was so engrossing that I was loath to move away from the TV. So after nearlly a 4 hour gap here is my update.
Gambhir completed his century - the second in his nascent career - undoubtedly happy to rub my nose in the dirt for calling him another Chetan Chauhan.(BTW- that is factually wrong i.e., me calling him Chetan Chauhan - for Chauhan had never scored a century).
Coming back to Gambhir he duly got out immediately after getting his century, when to my surprise Ganguly walked in and did a fair job of upping the tempo along with Dhoni.
Finally India declared at 314 /3 leaving Australia an improbable 500 and above to score for victory.
The very first ball Hayden faced he lofted it and I genuinely believed that Australia is making a run for it. But a combination of Ishant and Harbhajan has reduced Australia to a pathetic 93 for 5.
I am hopeful of a win.

11.00 A.M.
No century for Sehwag on his 30 th birthday, he got out to Siddle at 90.
Dhoni has replaced him.
This is the most hilarious description of Sivaramakrishnan and Ravi Shastri together in the commentary box.
Unfortunately, there was an entire session surrounding the big moment (Tendulkar breaking Lara’s record) and the commentary was like two pieces of dry bread coming together to impersonate a sandwich.
Have you heard anything better?

10.35 A.M.
India rubs it in.
At 171 for no loss after 13 over's, one can say the first hour of the fourth day has gone India’s way.
The Australian’s should be worried as in spite of restrictive field placements; Gambhir and Sehwag match each other stroke for stroke. They are also working the gaps for sharp singles.
Will the next hour bring up Sehwag’s century as a birthday gift?
He just got two – given not out and lbw of a no ball.
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7.30 A.M.
On L.S. Sivaramakrishnan
Couple of surprising things I learnt about L.S.Sivaramakrishnan.

  • He went wicket less on debut.

  • He played just 9 Tests and took 25 wickets.
Therefore, his reputation largely rests on his talent and not on his accomplishments. BTW, believe me he had oodles of talent.
One example is the ball he bowled to Miandad in the Benson & Hedges Finals.
Do you think he wasted his talent or was it one of those things that happen in a person’s life?
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6.30 A.M
The onus is on our bowlers, can they do it without Kumble?
To those who visited this blog yesterday, I apologies for the lack of updates.
I understand that Amit Mishra (5 for 71) has joined V.V. Kumar and Narendra Hirwani to become only the third leg-spinner to claim five or more wickets in the debut innings in Tests. Let us hope that for the sake of Indian cricket he takes many more five for.
After watching Kumble’s sliders for donkey’s years, it was good to see an Indian leg-spinner turn the ball. One thing I noticed was that Harbhajan was more attacking yesterday. (I am relying on the highlights and the odd moments I spent watching the match yesterday).
With over 300 runs lead and the match on its fourth day, Indian has a fair grip on the match. However, the onus rests on our bowlers; they have to get the Australians out.
Since we have never done this in the recent past without Kumble, I admit to being worried.


Blogger Ravindran said...

The slider will be back from the third test even if Mishra takes ten wickets . This is Indian cricket for u.
I still maintain Piyush is a better choice to replace Kumble. Mishra may not last long.Doesnt have the lasters look.

20/10/2008, 06:35  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Yep Kumble will return at the expense of Amit.

Going by the LS and Hirwani's career it is a possibility.

20/10/2008, 07:13  
Blogger Straight Point said...

why r?

he has 300 first class wickets in his kitty...means he is bowling long enough and must have seen ups and down...after rigors of domestic cricket since 2002...

more than the 5 for...its quality of wickets he got was assuring...

a bowler can only do this much...

20/10/2008, 12:03  
Blogger Ravindran said...

That was the only good ball bowled by LS in his brief career. It is amusing to hear him talk abt nuances of batting during his commentaries.
Dhoni and Ganguly appear to be made for each other. They called and ran well judged singles. What caught my attention was that while Ganguly looked at ease throughout Dhoni was bending and taking deep breath between runs and looking tired.

20/10/2008, 14:53  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Did not notice Dhoni doing to toe touch-ups.

LS career flamed out quickly.

20/10/2008, 15:52  

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