Mohali Test – Day 3

7.00 A.M.

Some early morning jitters regarding the Australian middle order.

With Australia at 102/- 4 the Indian's are undoubtedly ahead. The cricketing pundits have rightly declared the first hour crucial to India's fortunes.

As we have to surmount the obstacle of a strong Australian middle-order, the first hour is indeed crucial.

However, the Australian middle-order barring the doughty Brad Haddin, they have been largely invisible. Nevertheless, both Shane Watson and Cameron White are more than capable of biffing their way out of trouble and messing our progress.

Therefore, from the Indian team’s point of view, let us hope they do not choose the first hour to make merry.

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Blogger Soulberry said...

I doubt if Watson can biff his way out and away if Mishra is able to sink his teeth nto Shane's batting hamstrings or cricketing calf.

Ditto for Haddin. Sure, they'll land a few blows, like everyone does before being overwhelmed :)

Ott man, what if Hussey goes in the first ten minutes?

19/10/2008, 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Otty, Hussey is the key. And yes Haddin and Watson are foot soldiers as well. 2 of them cheaply and India s test match!!

bingo and wont ST, SG, MSD, AM play key role here in addition to IS and ZK!!

19/10/2008, 08:14  

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