Accuracy and Reliability of Hawk-eye & Hot Spot

The fact that the "Decision Review System" is not being used in the current Test series between India and Australia has given rise to more BCCI bashing.  
Unfortunately, no one seems to look beyond BCCI's reluctance and delve deep to discover why there are no uniform answers to the following questions: 
  • How reliable is the Hawk –eye and the Hot spot?
  • How do they account for the variable bounce and the movement off the pitch?
  • How accurate is the technology in predicting if there is a small distance between pitching and impact point?
  • How does longer distance impair the accuracy of the prediction?
  • If the technology is accurate and reliable, why are there instances when many viewers disagree with it?
Actually, the developers of the technologies should assuage these concerns. However, they too appear reluctant to come out with a yes or a no answer without adding riders.


ice hockey live said...

I don't think that the hawk-eye is 100% reliable as I recall that lbw shout against Sachin Tendulkar by Saeed Ajmal which was given by the on-field Empire Ian Gould but it was later turned down by the hawk-eye.And after the match when the video was actually seen it revealed that the hawk-eye seemed to make it's own impact point so I think this technology is not 100% correct.

Cricket Lover said...

Hawk-eye & Hot Spot technique are not 100% reliable , We had seen many instances where Hot Spot failed to find out edges while the sound of nick was clear enough to judge the catch out. I guess in future technology will be improved and give more accurate results but till the time we need to depends more on our skilled Umpires.

livescores said...

Well no system can be a perfect one and there is always room for the error and no system can be made perfect.And as far as natural variations are concerned I think there can never be a system that can predict or explain the natural variations because these are random variations and by the way the DRS has increased the right decision rate for ICC.My only question here is that why BCCI is not using his system while the whole world is using it.And as for the fair means of the game players should have equal facilities in all parts of the world as rules are universal so the DRS should be universal too.