WACA Win and Beyond

This is a most satisfying win. Not only because it was against Australia but also for the fact it was hard fought. There were battles, battles within battles and then the ultimate triumph.

To me the man of the match award should have gone to the WACA pitch. The hype surrounding it suckered the Australians to pack their side with four pacers, two of whom proved mere passengers. Australia could never recover from their ineffectiveness.

Luckily for India they got the best combination for the Test. I say luckily because, were he not the Captain, the hype surrounding the pitch was such, Kumble would have been replaced by a medium pacer.

As usual the umpires had a large say in deciding the winner. The Symonds decision knocked the wind out of Australia’s sail. If anything, it proved how bad umpiring can seal a team’s fate.

Need we say anything more about Laxman? This is the second time Laxman had a major part in denying them the record 17 consecutive wins. For Australia, Laxman and the No 17 are jinxed.

What does this win mean for India? Not much, it will keep their fans in good humor.
However, there are negatives, for example you can be sure that in order to accommodate Harbhajan and Irfan, Jaffer will have to make way. Worse one can already visualize Sehwag being deemed a bowler for the sake of balance in the team in the near future.

Altogether this victory has left us with more question than answers.

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