Will CSK breakout from the logjam?

If one looks at the points table, Chennai Super Kings is sitting pretty. However, their comfort is based on their superior run-rate, which may come in handy only if there is a tie for the 4 th place.

Nonetheless, the superior run rate is small comfort if they loose even a match. Then their fate will hinge on the various permutations, combinations, and huge amount of luck.

If Chennai Super Kings were to make their semi-final berth safe, then the simplest way would be to win both their remaining matches and make all speculation irrelevant.

However, it is easier said than done as the team they are facing today, Delhi Daredevils are menacing to say the least. As always, CSK will indeed have 2 plans both of them based on how Virender Sehwag plays.

Knowing Dhoni, he may well start again with a spinner to deny Sehwag the pace. Conversely, if Sehwag still goes berserk, then it will be containment all the way.

The fact that there is Gambhir and Dinesh Karthick too makes Dhoni’s task unenviable. As for CSK batting, Dhoni has less to fear, as Hayden is sure to break loose and end his poor run off form today.


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