India vs. Sri Lanka Tri-series Final, Mirpur

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The Tri- Nation ODI series involving India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has reached the final stage. The progress of the three teams through the tournament was on the predictable lines.

As anticipated, the toss and the dew had a bear hug on the proceedings and invariably the team bowling second ended up losers.

At the start, the Sri Lankan team appeared more charged up. The youngsters in the squad appeared more relaxed and confident about their abilities. However, as the tournament progressed, a couple of injuries have dented their enthusiasm.

The Indian team took time to warm up but has peaked at the right time.

The Indian bowlers though lavish in the initial stages have now meshed beautifully as a pack. Even so, their form is suspect as the format and opposition in the tournament has been such that they have never been truly under pressure.

Similarly, the batting has been coasting: the top order have imposed themselves and snuffed out any challenge, but their brilliance has left the middle order untested. Let us hope that they continue their dominating ways and settle the match in India’s favour.

The final between India and Sri Lanka may well be a testy one. Sri Lanka has been at the receiving end of some close matches against India in the recent past and India knows that they have been lucky to put it past Sri Lanka on more than a couple of occasions.

As a result, if this match goes down to the wire, frayed tempers could well be the order of the day.

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