What sets Dilshan apart?

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In his new avatar as an opener, Tillakaratne Dilshan is in prolific form. Though he has shown glimpses of his talent earlier, as an opener he is a revelation.

So what accounts for his prolific form? Nandita Sridhar believes it his new found conviction:
Unorthodox, aggressive batsmen rely on conviction. What sets apart batsmen like Dilshan, Virender Sehwag and M.S. Dhoni from the less consistent non-conformists is conviction. 
It’s all very well when the runs are coming, when the maverick is still a subject of curiosity for bowlers, and when the batsman himself is in love with his many eccentricities; but the challenge is when the runs dry up. Without the conviction to stick to their technique and to go through with their shots in the way that suits them best, they risk getting exposed.
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