2nd ODI Impressions, Nagpur, India vs. Sri Lanka

Electing to bat, thanks to the generosity of Sri Lankan's, India made 301. Sri Lanka was so ragged in the field that they frittered away a much-improved show put up by their bowlers.

Sangakkara was the main culprit and Dhoni the beneficiary. In fact, he dropped two catches and missed a stumping of Dhoni who made full use of his luck and scored his 6th ODI century and his 2nd consecutive one at Nagpur.

The pitch after an initial spell of true bounce has now become slow. Sri Lanka bowlers especially Angelo used the nature of the pitch by bowling short pitched bouncers that required the batsmen to give it their all to score boundaries.

Indian bowlers too can use the same tactic and may well succeed if their fielders back them.

Though India did score 301, it may prove too little if Dilshan and the dormant Jayasuriya erupt.

Dhoni’s exhaustion at the end of the innings is a worry for India, for if he is unfit to continue, they will have to do with a makeshift keeper and miss his cool levelheaded thinking.

Update 5.15 AM

India lost the match in the first 10 overs. If I am not mistaken, Sri Lanka scored 80 runs and that proved too big a hemorrhage to stem in the end.

Other than that, the Indian bowlers did a great job to make a match off it.

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