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The umpire decision referral system (UDRS) has polorised the cricketing community.

A highly regarded former West Indian pace bowler who also happens to be the coach manager of the current West Indies team called it a gimmick.

When it comes to umpires, the division over the usefulness of the referral system is clear. Umpire like Dickie Bird and former Test umpire Darrell Hair believe the video-review system is putting a lot of pressure on the field umpires.

However, umpires like Aleem Dar, who are still in the ICC Elite panel of umpires, have welcomed the innovation.

When it comes to the cricketers, it is difficult to make out whether the UDRS is welcome.

Tendulkar, Ponting, Smith and Gayle have repeatedly voiced their objections whereas; Sri Lanka cricketers whole-heartedly approve the referral system.

Surprisingly (because it is surprising to hear an Englishman go against the flow) among this cacophony, James Lawton is the lone voice of reason.

Since his arguments are bathed in sanity, let us hope his voice is heard loud and clear.
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Blogger straight point said...

the problem with DRS is that everybody is putting too much expectation on it too soon... they are expecting that everything wrong will be eradicated as soon as it is implemented...

the system is in nascent stage at this moment and giving it try is worth it...

obvious decisions like the batsmen nicking the ball to pad and given lbw... or ball pitching outside leg stump and still given lbw... ball licking pad and given caught behind... cheaters claiming bump catches... wont happen and that itself is credit to the system...

beyond that expecting moon from it is problem in our mindset not in the system...

i wud say... give it a nice shot and it will evolve into a nice workable system...

17/12/2009, 14:37  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

High expectations could derail this innovation. That's why I liked James Lawton's article, it was asking the players to grow up.:)

17/12/2009, 15:48  

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