Ranji Trophy brings no cheer.

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Ranji Trophy Matches are played in the same mundane way says G. Viswanath.

Look at the just concluded Ranji Trophy Super League matches. Out of the 49 Ranji Trophy Super League matches played, 30 of them were drawn. This demonstrates that despite high sounding statements about  the pitches the pitches are loaded against the bowlers. The batsmen of course made merry.

Clearly the contest between bat and ball was absent in many instances with the batsmen amassing runs, a fact that’s evident in aggregates of 1000 plus in 20 matches and 900 plus in 13 matches.

It’s another stark aspect that has brought the clear divide between the BCCI’s Pitch and Grounds Committee. The home associations have vested interests whereupon they cannot go against the whims of their players. They cannot look beyond the prize and hence most matches suffered from a real contest on account of lifeless pitches.
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