India - Pakistan bilateral series?

In an exclusive chat with NDTV, PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt on Thursday divulged that a bilateral series between India and Pakistan is in the pipeline.

One wonders whether this confidence is based on fact or just hope.
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Anonymous Liju Philip said...

India should never play Pak. At least for the next 4-5 years. Period.

11/12/2009, 17:33  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


There is so much money involved that the administrators will make it happen irrespective of the political stance.

11/12/2009, 19:14  
Anonymous Liju Philip said...

Its PCB who needs the money not BCCI. So why dont we set the terms.

12/12/2009, 05:51  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


I agree that we should set the terms.
However, the Indian government will prove the stumbling block.

12/12/2009, 07:59  

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