India vs. Pakistan Test series in neutral venues?

This is fantastic (as in unbelievable, ridiculous and plain funny), the PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt claims that "International Cricket Council has guaranteed that India and Pakistan would play a bilateral series after every two years even if were to be held at neutral venues".


There is no way ICC can guarantee anything as it is the Indian Government that has clamped on sporting relations with Pakistan. One is sure the BCCI themselves are surprised by this announcement.


Unsurprisingly, the announcement (PTI Karachi) emanates out of Pakistan.


Coming as it does at the heels of yesterday's announcement of Pakistan bidding for the Twenty20 World Cup 2014; it appears all these announcements are made to impress his political boss in Pakistan.





Blogger straight point said...

butt has to issue at least one statement a day or he will die of suffocation...

29/09/2009, 14:10  
Blogger Ottayan said...

He is surely reducing Pakistan cricket to a joke.:)

29/09/2009, 16:26  
Blogger Slogger said...

So, OTTS did you change your blog? Why? Anyhow, I have a question which is lingering for a long time, how Gay is Gambir and Sehwag? Man each one is going after the other? I honestly beleive they are!!

01/10/2009, 01:09  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


No the blog is the same. But from day 1 I am having problems with my RSS feed.

About E & G you have given me something to ruminate.:)

01/10/2009, 17:06  

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