Ind vs SL, 1st T20I, Nagpur

India won the toss and chose to field - a decision that appears largely taken due to the dew factor.

In the first 3 overs Nehra and especially Ishanth, subjected Jayasuriya and Dilshan to a fiery self examination.

However, from then on it was downhill all the way for India.

There were dropped catches, misfields and inane bowling in abundance. So much so one was left wondering whether the new fielding coach spent any time with the Indian cricketers.

In short what was going to be a 160 runs chase has now enlarged to 216. This score was largely due to a rather pumped up Sangakkara making a 78 off 37 balls.

A word about Jayasuriya: He appears past it and it is time for him to retire gracefully. One will be surprised if Mumbai Indians renews his contract.

Update 5:30 AM

The India chase was a picture of extremes; there was inspired batting from Gautam Ganbhir followed by inane batting from the rest.

At the fall of Sehwag's wicket, Gambhir just shifted gears and provided a sequence of 4's on the offside that was breath taking.

Sadly the rest of the Indian batsmen perished in a heap. Without exception, they appeared to be under a spell of machismo and tried to hit every ball over the ropes only to find that their desire exceeded their capacity.

The sudden change in Sri Lanka's fortune was brought in by Jayasuriya, who proved that as a bowler he has not lost his mojo.

The result India lost to Sri Lanka by 29 runs and failed to finish off what they started - which to me is an unpardonable sin.

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Blogger Rishabh said...

to be honest, the only reason for India's loss is due to their way too terrible fielding. Though you can't expect Mike Young to bring any positivity in just 1-2 days, but it seems like his influence has already dropped the fielding standards of the team. From worse to worst!

09/12/2009, 20:58  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Yes Rishabh,the Indian fielding was pathetic, but the real culprit was the inflated ego's of the Indian batsmen.

10/12/2009, 05:44  

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