Cricket: Kumara Sangakkara is no slouch

The Sri Lankan cricket team has arrived with Kumara Sangakkara at the helm.

As befitting the successor of Mahela Jayewardene, he appears no slouch at mouthing management gyan.

For example, Sangakkara believes that the Indian team is the team under pressure because the Sri Lankan team has never won a Test match in India in the 27 years.

If that gyan wasn't convincing or threatening enough to cow the Indian cricket team, he is talking about how his team has set daily targets and plans to meet 'challenges'.

Unfortunately, the Sri Lankan cricket team captain may end up talking about this tour to India being 'learning curve' as his team is largely inexperienced and carry the aging veteran Jayasuriya.


Blogger straight point said...

as if one injured team was not sufficient to boost our egos... here come an inexperienced one carrying a veteran...? :)

09/11/2009, 10:55  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


A sobering thought indeed.:)

09/11/2009, 11:45  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

ho ha ha... The Australians shut their mouth for a few months as though they were forced down their backsides to follow a PR routine (Which apparently is the truth). Now Sanga wants to be like the Australians in their prime.

Not selling.

Sri Lankans are too nice... Even with that accent. Bless them... All of this sounds cute.

09/11/2009, 13:40  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


They are insufferably cute.:)

09/11/2009, 16:04  

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