Services refuses to play cricket in J & K

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Services refusal to go to Jammu & Kashmir to play a Ranji Trophy cricket match on security grounds is sure to cause an uproar.

Services have given a walkover to J&K in the Plate Division match, saying they have security apprehensions.

The BCCI will have a lot of explaining to do as this comes at a time when India is claiming that the security situation is normal.

One can also be sure that Pakistan will rake this up and the Pakistan Cricket Board will take the cue to add to India's discomfort.

As usual an unnamed BCCI official has promised to examine the reasons behind the Service's cricket teams refusal and take action.

The Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) cricket team was today banned from this year's Ranji Trophy due to their refusal to go to Srinagar for a Plate Division match against Jammu and Kashmir.

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