No neutral venues for 2011 World Cup

PTI reports that the The International Cricket Council (ICC) has rejected the Pakistan Cricket Board’s demand that Pakistan be allowed to stage their share of 2011 World Cup matches at neutral venues. 

Interestingly, PCB’s Chairman Ejaz Butt for reasons known only to himself, is yet to make the announcement even though the ICC made their decision last month itself.

It is reported that he is still pushing ICC to reconsider its decision on letting Pakistan stage its share of the 2011 World Cup matches at neutral venues. He is also said to grandstanding by threatening to sue the ICC over this matter.



Anonymous Som said...

Butt clearly has to save his Butt and Job. He was part of a meeting earlier this year when ICC made it clear that neutral venues are simply not an option. But the moment he returned home and felt the heat, he occasionally raises the issue and never comes out with the truth that it has already bene struck down.

11/08/2009, 10:21  
Anonymous Som said...

And don't we know Butt= Ass?

11/08/2009, 10:21  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I whole heartedly agree with the synonym for Butt.:)

11/08/2009, 10:33  

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