Ireland: Do we need another Test Cricket minnow?

Ireland which is currently an associate member with one day- international status, is pushing to join the list of countries playing Test cricket.

Undeniably, Ireland cricket has made considerable progress with their entry into the last eight of the 2007 World Cup being their most cherished success.

However, their intention to aspire for full member status brings forth questions.

Firstly, their one day International success in no way guarantees success in Test cricket. In fact there is a danger of them becoming another Bangladesh, a Test cricket playing country that has done nothing of note since getting the ICC's full member status in 2000.

Secondly, their application comes at a time when the cricketing pundits are bemoaning the lack of interest in Test cricket. Hence Ireland may be reduced to participating in the last rites.

Apart from these questions, one is inclined to wonder whether we need another minnow to make up the numbers and further dilute the quality of Test cricket.


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