Will India make it to the semi-final?

Indian cricket team's path to semi-finals hits a rough patch

Must win matches against Australia and West Indies


The Indian cricket team is up against it after losing their opening match to Pakistan in the ICC Champions Trophy.


The 54 –runs loss to Pakistan has left India in the untenable position of having to win both their matches.


While West Indies may prove canon fodder to the big guns in the Indian cricket team batting line-up, it is unlikely that Australia will prove as easy.


The problem with the Indian cricket team is that both the batsmen and bowlers struggled to find form in the opening match.


Blogger straight point said...

it would be nothing short of wonder and probably first time in the history of cricket if this will happen...

no team has till now has reached semi final stage without bowlers...

27/09/2009, 14:08  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Otts... you disabled comments for a while?

Thought you were packing up this blog.

Good that you are not... Cheers

27/09/2009, 19:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one, Pan.:)

27/09/2009, 21:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


A spammer was stalking this blog and managed to leave his trail in over 30 posts.(dating back to 2008)

Had a tough time weeding him out.

27/09/2009, 21:29  

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