Farewell to Vaas – what about Test cricket?

The 3rd and final test between Sri Lanka and Pakistan could well be Chaminda Vaas’s last.

Going by media reports (CSL have rubbished it), the 110 Tests veteran is to announce his retirement at the start of the third Test.

Though one values his contributions to the game of cricket highly, one disapproves the current trend of giving retiring Test cricketers a ‘final’ Test.

Granted, it gives their fans an opportunity to give their departing hero a fitting send-off; does it not devalue the Test match?

Additionally, it draws attention away from the game and proves a distraction to his teammates.

One remembers that earlier, departing heroes were give one last hurray in the form of a ‘Farewell match’.

Basically, it is a match sanctioned by their cricketing boards, where the cricketer not only gets a share of the spoils but also basks in his fans adoration one last time.

One hopes good sense returns to the throne and these cricketers who talk highly about the value of Tests cricket refuse to demean it by playing it for ego satisfaction

Bring back those ‘farewell matches’ and let us play all Tests seriously.


Blogger LVISS said...


19/07/2009, 08:25  
Blogger Ottayan said...

To bid him farewell.:)

19/07/2009, 09:40  
Anonymous Som said...

15 days after rubbishing retirement 'rumour', Vaas today announced his Test retirement. Sanga wanted a farewell for Vassy and he had one.

19/07/2009, 18:45  
Blogger Golandaaz said...

And I disapprove of the tradition to hold meaningless test matches. A 3 test series has been won by SL 2-0. And why are we playing an additional one? Even if they pick Vaas's grandmother and decide to let her have the farewell she did not have....who really cares? And the solution to this is 4 day/night tests with Pink balls?

19/07/2009, 21:11  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Vaas has become irrelevant for a longtime. However, for reason best known to him refused to bow gracefully.

So Cricket Sri Lanka was forced to push him to announce thus.

I wonder why quiet a few of these 'legends' hang on.:)

20/07/2009, 06:47  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I understand your angst, in this case commercial considerations has come into fray.

However, I am with you broadly.

20/07/2009, 06:49  

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