IPL has its revenge

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Did the Australian debacle have its genesis in IPL Series-2?

Much as one would like to point to cricketing reasons for their loss, it appears that IPL has taken its revenge on Ponting and his team for ignoring it.

Ponting not only chose to give the IPL Series 2 a miss but also urged his team members to focus on Ashes. In fact, a couple of his teammates Clarke and Johnson went further and made it a country vs. money issue.

Sadly, for all of them, they were deprived of much needed practice and going by the first round results, teams that had many players playing in the IPL, like India, South Africa, New Zealand and even England are through to the Group8.

This leaves us wondering whether the curse of IPL is on the Australians.

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Blogger lviss said...


09/06/2009, 20:07  
Blogger Apurv's Blog Space said...

Otts my friend, I see that you still write as passionately as you did a year back. Great to be back in the cricketing blogging world and great to read your blog.

Infact all three teams who were absent in the IPL viz- Australia, Pakistan (for political reasons) and England ( because they cant play) have struggled in the opening part of the tournament. Contrast this with South Africa who had a significant IPL presence and who look the strongest team in the competition.

Will be in London over the weekend, next week and i am hoping to catch some super 8 games.

Will foward you the pictures if i can. cheers.

09/06/2009, 22:01  
Blogger Q said...

Pakistan had no players in the IPL :-)

09/06/2009, 22:42  
Anonymous Stani Army said...

Not sure Ott. I just think they didn't play well...simple as that. Because of the format of this competition and the fact that it is only 20 overs means that 5 bad overs in two consecutive games could mean you're out.

I'm not saying Aus had 5 bad overs in each game but merely giving an example of how easily you could be out of the tournament if you play poor for a small period.

I'm sure Aus had the plans, the intentions and the will; they just didn't produce on the field.

10/06/2009, 04:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Assies (Aussies) like to concentrate on the Asses (Ashes) than the T20 world cup. Good luck to them and to their good-for-nothing rivalry with England.

10/06/2009, 06:18  

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