Twenty20 "a thinking player's game"

Does the success of the 'oldies' - Hayden, Gilchrist and Kumble in IPL 2009 suggest that the Twenty20 format is a thinking player's game?

A New York Times columnist Huw Richards believes so.

"Jeremy Snape, a qualified psychologist who also played for England in one-day internationals, pointed out two years ago that behind the noise, the witless television commentary and the unsubtle product placement that grab the attention, Twenty20 is “a thinking player’s game.”

The success of these players, old but smart in the I.P.L., suggests he is right."

Apart from this conclusion the article is interesting to regular readers of Well Pitched as it appears to base its premise "It isn’t how many you win, but when you do it that matters — at least if your competition is decided by playoffs" from this article written by Q.


Blogger Q said...

Wow.. they start the article with that line. Amazing!

Thanks for sharing Ott!

26/05/2009, 14:29  
Anonymous Stani Army said...

To a certain extent I agree, it is a thinkers game. But....the youngsters can have this quality too as long as they get enough games under their belt.

There's a lot of youngsters in the IPL and I'm sure they'll pick things up soon

26/05/2009, 21:09  
Blogger lviss said...


27/05/2009, 06:46  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Last year, I argued on the fact that it is meaningless to have such a long league stage where team face everyone and then finish with a knock-out.

Maybe this feeling won't be obvious if they cut down the number of league matches or divide it into groups, which in any case hopefully will be done when more teams arrive.

27/05/2009, 09:34  

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