If they had used the VJD method, would West Indies have won?

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T20 Cricket Cup: England vs. West Indies

Rain interrupted the cricket match between England and West Indies. As is the norm, the D/L method was used to revise the target.

Accordingly, West Indies had to chase a target off 80 from 9 over’s, which they comfortably reached.

Interestingly, if one were to use the VJD method (a rival method designed by V. Jaya Devan), the West Indies would have had to score 94 from the same 9 overs.

The stiffer target calculated using the VJD method makes me wonder, whether West Indies would have beat England and entered the semi-finals.

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Remember Otts, we were once flirting on the idea of getting in touch with him and perhaps even promoting/creating his website.

JD is not marketing enough.

Since England lost due to D and L, am quite happy :).

19/06/2009, 20:38  

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