ICL appeal rejected

As expected, ICC rejected ICL's appeal for recognition on the ground that it did not meet its criteria for approval.

The already beleaguered owners of ICL, who are rumoured to be feeling the heat of global recession, may take this as an opportunity to close shop and cut their losses.

However, if they do so, the fate of the Indian players in particular, is sealed. For in its wisdom, the ICC has left the fate of the players to the individual boards. In essence it is an open invitation for churlish cricket boards like the BCCI to make an example of these players by ignoring them through out their career.

The ICC should have at least directed the cricket boards to consider those who aligned themselves with ICL sympathetically.

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Blogger straight point said...

so its official that icl is unofficial... :)

19/04/2009, 15:19  
Blogger Ottayan said...

They are now officially unofficial.:)

19/04/2009, 16:46  

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