Day 5, Ist Test, India –England, Chepauk

Lunch: India 174 runs short of a record-breaking win.

Chasing a target of 387 runs to win the first Test, India were 213 at the loss of 3 wickets at lunch on the final day of the Chennai Test at the MA Chidambaram Stadium.

As expected, Dravid lost his wicket hanging out his bat to a Flintoff delivery only to nick it to Prior. It is time for the selectors to do the job on him.

Though Dravid left early, it was not anxiety provoking as Gambhir’s wicket. He too was guilty of throwing his wicket away by playing a tame shot. If he had continued, it would have meant another option for Dhoni to accelerate the innings after lunch.

Thankfully, the old guard Tendulkar and Laxman are still there. Laxman is stroking beautifully and have already giving the Indian fans visions of a regal victory.

India need a further174 runs in the two remaining sessions, with 7 wickets in hand, will there be any further drama or is it going to be a straight forward clinical victory
Sehwag evens the odds.

Sehwag's 83 off 68 balls gave India a more than a realistic chance to chase 387-run target set by England. Now India need 250 runs in 90 over’s a task that is possible in the age of Twenty20’s.

His blitzkrieg has put the pressure back on England. They would never have dreamt that when they set the target it would have shrunk to 256 at the end of day 4. Now all India needs is one other big innings preferably at a fast clip, then the deed will be done effortlessly by the end of the day.

Yet, a true Indian cricket team fan will wake up tomorrow wondering whether they can get the 256 runs of 90 over’s.

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Anonymous rs said...

Yes we can :)

15/12/2008, 07:20  
Blogger Straight Point said...

you have expressed the mindset of cricket fan very well...

lets hope our famed middle order pull it off...

15/12/2008, 11:05  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Surely, yes.:)

15/12/2008, 11:12  
Blogger Ottayan said...


As I write it looks as if it is going to be left to Dhoni either to finish or save the match.:0

15/12/2008, 11:13  
Blogger Straight Point said...

the match is still for india to loose...sachin and specially lax is looking very solid...and when you see boundaries scored of flintoff yo know eng is struggling...

15/12/2008, 12:04  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I am sure of a thrilling win.

15/12/2008, 12:24  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

cheers ott!

15/12/2008, 16:36  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Game, set and match... amazing win from playing well in only the last 11/2 days!

15/12/2008, 21:12  
Blogger Jhangora said...

Well Done India!

16/12/2008, 05:35  
Blogger Ottayan said...

Cheers NC. Request you to take it up with the BCC! to stage more Test matches at Chennai.

16/12/2008, 05:50  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Absolutely. The England had the upper hand but were done in by the famed Chennai cyclone (Sehwag).

16/12/2008, 05:51  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Wonderful to see you here.Congratulations- let us enjoy this unexpected win.

16/12/2008, 05:52  
Blogger Ravindran said...

A well deserved defeat for stupidity.

16/12/2008, 06:51  

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