Why is ECB eager to host Test matches between Asian Countries?

England and Wales Cricket Board Chairman Giles Clarke says England may host Test matches between Asian countries as part of its commitment to supporting the five-day game.

As usual, the ECB leaves out the true reason why they are interested in hosting Asian countries. A large captive émigré population ensures these test matches are money-spinners. Moreover, having failed in its attempt to usurp ICC : this is the only way ECB can get a share of the BCCI’s money.

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Blogger Homer said...

Nooooooooo...Really? The ECB is interested in that dirty 5 letter word starting with M?

Cant be.. You are mistaken Ott.. Its the principal they are standing up for..

And the interest.


16/10/2008, 09:47  
Blogger Ottayan said...


I just checked.... it is for the M.... :)

16/10/2008, 10:48  
Blogger Naked Cricket said...

In spite of the crash, laughing stocks must be on the rise.

16/10/2008, 13:39  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Laughing stocks are always at a premium.

16/10/2008, 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't too bad an idea, from the cricketing point of view. There'll be plenty of ad money too. Who wouldn't want to watch India and Sri Lanka fight it out at Cardiff or Old Trafford. Actually, I prefer India and Australia fighting it out at any of those venues. If it goes through, it will be fun.

16/10/2008, 23:43  

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