ECB’s face saving ‘principles’

In a diatribe against the IPL, David Hopps writes in the ‘The Guardian’ that the ECB Chairman Giles Clarke proposes to use the ICC board meeting set for today to rein in the excess of the IPL nay BCCI.

Among the usual rants about IPL ruining cricket, the following paragraph takes the cake.

England - for reasons not just of their own financial health, but the future integrity of the game - have refused to bow to India's every unpredictable whim, seemingly unlike Australia who have abandoned their oft-stated suspicion of Twenty20 and are now waving begging bowls with much enthusiasm. For the ECB it is a principled but lonely position.

Having done all they could to scuttle IPL' Twenty20 Championship by trying to promote a rival Twenty20 championship it is typical of the English to lay claim on principles.

Their tie up with Stanford for the silliest Twenty20 match in history of World cricket is clearly for the money and not for anything else. Similarly, the now contentious Sri Lankan tour is an explicit act of rewarding the Sri Lankans for their support during the Zimbabwe imbroglio.

Now that every attempt has failed, ECB and its cahoots are taking the high moral ground. Save face, Cricket news online live

It is time that the English realize that others are not naïve to believe in their ‘principled’ stance and the rest of the world knows that it is an attempt to save face.

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Blogger Homer said...

Did you expect anything different?

14/10/2008, 10:01  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Expected them to be honest with themselves.:)

14/10/2008, 10:18  
Blogger Ravindran said...

If u ask me Otty all the cricket is now only for money and we are the funders.

14/10/2008, 14:45  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Damn shame.

14/10/2008, 15:17  
Blogger Homer said...


Really? Its England we are talking about here...


15/10/2008, 02:02  
Blogger Ottayan said...


Yep, I forget that.:)

15/10/2008, 05:53  
Anonymous scorpicity said...

Ah! the classic 'high morality' ground which even a 10 year old doesn't buy. To think of the fact that they let a boorish businessman land his helicopter at the home of cricket and open a bag of bills is very very principled indeed... maybe it was a spello... they mean England's 'principal' compound interest.

15/10/2008, 12:35  

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