Bangladesh Cricket: The nitpicking begins

Caught unaware by the mass exodus to ICL, The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) resorts to the time honoured bureaucratic tactics of delaying the inevitable.

According to recent reports, they have rejected the retirement letters of the ICL bound cricketers claiming that the players have not given prior notice.

In the same breath a BCB officials says that the players have used the loop-holes in their contract. The point to note is these contracts were formulated by the previous set of BCB officials.

Thus the present incumbents have blithely transferred the blame and are simultaneously taking recourse to the law.

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Anonymous scorpicity said...

Otts... I can only think of the flush otts... too much precious blog space is being wasted for these guys... a freaking 22 years old gets frustrated at their system is a bit too much to digest. They just jumped jobs based on whoever paid higher.

19/09/2008, 13:24  

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