Do we need Umpires in Cricket?

Dylan Cleaver in an article Why Sports Needs Hawk-eye precision ( New Zealand Herald), brings out excellent arguments in favour of using Hawk-eye and other relevant technology in Cricket.

His argument is that other sports have incorporated technology so why not cricket.

“Which makes you wonder why cricket hasn't done the same. The technology is there. It gets it right. It takes a minimum of time. Everybody walks away happy. ...”

I take his argument further, by asking, why we need umpires.With all the excellent technology available, I suggest, let us do away with umpires.

All the players have to do is to go to the stump mike and appeal. The computers will use it as a prompt to check out all the probabilities and accordingly activate the green or red light.

The wait for the computer to make its decision will create further drama for the watching public and does away with the inexactitude of the umpires.

If it is a question of rules, the game is better served by computers as they have an excellent memory and we will not have  World Cup finals like goof ups.

What say you?

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