World Cup 2011-My takeaways

Match of the tournament: Undoubtedly, the finals played against Sri Lanka. It had all the ingredients of a thriller. High stakes-the World Cup, a worthy opponent -Sri Lanka who appeared to have messed up their chances batting first, recouping to set a stiff target in the last five overs. Heart-ache--Sehwag and Sachin out in quick succession, leaving the Indian fan wondering whether it was all over. Flourish- Dhoni's last ball six that brought down the curtains and his far away look captured by the cameras. The final had it all.

Best innings: Raina's unflustered cameo against Pakistan in the semi-finals, set up the game nicely for India. Gambhir innings in the finals run a close second. However, the way team India was playing, gave the impression that if not for Gambhir some one else would have stepped up.

Best ball: Munaf slow leg cutter that bowled Razzaq, during the India vs Pakistan, World Cup semi-final. It put paid to whatever hope the Pakistan team had on over running the Indian total.

Biggest disappointment: Losing to South Africa. There is no two-ways to look at it. The Indian team choked against the "chokers".

Key to India World Cup 2015 campaign: Plan for Zaheer's replacement. Devise a sound strategy. Identify and persist with the team that fits that strategy.

What are your takeaways?


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