A complacent India beat Bangladesh

The Indian team performed adequately to beat Bangladesh in the World Cup 2011 opener. Despite this being a World Cup opener and a ‘revenge match’ the Indian team was complacent while batting. Similarly, the inadequacies in the Bangladesh team helped the Indian bowlers to restrict them to 283, and win by a large margin of 83 runs.

Batting first, the Indian batsmen batting had Bangladesh on the ropes until the end of the second power play. When they should have gone all out to score in excess of 400, they showed lack of intent and let the Bangladesh bowlers restrict them to 370 with some clever, negative bowling.

Similarly, the bowlers, especially Sreesanth, were able to assert themselves only when the Bangladesh batsmen got ahead of themselves. A stronger team would have made India pay for their complacency and lack of intent. India has the potential to go beyond the semi-final, but they have to shed their complacency when playing lesser teams and take each match seriously.


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