Split Innings Format and Players Honesty

ODI: Split Innings Format

Is it there a need to revitalise One Day Cricket format?

Frankly, it appears the cricket boards are over reacting. I believe ODIs are a vibrant format. It is only the pointless matches, for instance, New Zealand playing a tri-series along with India in Sri Lanka, which lacks support.

However, I also believe that cricket boards should find new formats to draw new converts. So why don’t they introduce the split-innings one- dayers as a new format?

Fitness:Can we leave it to the players?

Each time India loses heavily, the players divert the attention to the BCCI. Typically, they will claim that the scheduling is so tight that they have no rest and blame the loss on losing key players to injuries.

However, we all know that most Indian players are loath to declare themselves unfit and carry on playing with niggles. By performing below par, they are undermining the team.

The Chairman of selectors Krishnamachari Srikkanth has come out with a good suggestion:
Honesty. "Nobody but the player himself has the best idea of how fit he is or if there's even the slightest injury scare. I can tell you that from my own experience as a cricketer. Any number of physios and fitness trainers can assess the condition, but in the end, the player has to be honest and talk.
Sadly, the players are never honest and continue playing through injuries. Instead of depending on players I believe the BCCI should ruthlessly drop those injured and put the nation’s interest first.


Blogger straight point said...

neither is going to happen... players will keep playing thru injuries (dhoni being the case despite warning his team mates sometime ago) and board will keep on sleep walking (read selection) same set of players...

15/08/2010, 12:07  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Agreed Pan. However, I believe the coach should be more assertive.

15/08/2010, 16:18  
Blogger Soulberry said...

Hi Ottayan,

I need to change the cricketonlive address.

Technically, player honesty would be a wonderful solution, but that cannot happen in isolation. Cricket isn't coconed from society, and honesty is a premium product in society in general. Especially in uncertain fields like sports where occupancy is next best to performance in terms of income generating potential.

The dandaa must therefore rule.

That said, it will have to be wielded by a sage and honest hand...which brings us back to the same question.

15/08/2010, 17:57  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Hi SB,

Apologize for the delayed reply. I am in complete agreement with your opinion. However, I was wondering out aloud whether Srikkanth was living in this world or ...:)

18/08/2010, 14:02  

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