Mark Benson clarifies

The ICC released a statement on Tuesday in which Mark Benson put his departure down to illness and expressed his desire to continue in ICC Elite Panel for Umpires.

This should put to rest all speculation over his surprise walkout after the first day of the Adelaide Test.

However, his future as a Test umpire is uncertain after the International Cricket Council insisted that he pass medical tests before continuing.
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Anonymous Som said...

The guy apparently has some problems with is heart. Media should have spared him.

09/12/2009, 10:44  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

You have a point. However, I still do not understand why his departure was shrouded in mystery. He or the ICC could have issued a statement the very same day confirming his ill-health.

09/12/2009, 11:44  
Blogger straight point said...

even after the referral was upheld in benson's favor... ponting showed clear dissent and displeasure on field... the ailing upms would have felt humiliated and thought of futility to umpire further...

tho its another story that we have still not read a single word on ponting getting reprimanded for showing dissent... and also talking against about udrs mid way in series which is against icc code of conduct...

09/12/2009, 12:11  

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