India vs. Sri Lanka 3rd Test Mumbai

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India’s 3rd Test against Sri Lanka has taken a different hue, as a win will make India the No.1, team in ICC’s Test Championship table.

Though the number 1 rating may well turn out to be temporary, it has invested the final test match between the No 2 and the No 3 team with something more than a mere Test series decider.

However, the key factor once again will be the pitch. If one goes by history, this Test match may well follow the 11 other Test matches that ended in a draw.

Wasim Jaffer, the Mumbai opener, claims the pitch has changed and may well afford swing in the evening session and some drift and bounce for the spinners.

Obviously, the swing for the seamers and drift for spinners can be attributed to the proximity to the sea. What made Jaffer certain of bounce in the pitch is debatable.

The pitch due to the season could well be damp and the ball may exhibit a tendency to squat.

Which means Ajantha Mendis may prove a handful if he can bowl a good line.

Contrastingly, Sreesanth’s huffing and puffing might make the ball sit up.

Overall, this test match appears headed for a draw and most of the unknowns in the Sri Lankan squad along with the Lord of the Flat track Mahela Jayewardene, may well end up scoring a double century.

For Indian cricket fans hoping to see India at No.1 are sure to be disappointed. The more realistic Indian players may well be happy to protect the 1-0 lead.
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Blogger Rohit said...

Good stuff. Very likely to be the case. I was shocked when we put two past the aussies. Usually we like to sit on our advantage, in footy terms.

01/12/2009, 07:07  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Exactly Rohit and the Indian think tank will ensure that the pitch is a flat track to prevent nasty surprises.

01/12/2009, 08:00  
Blogger straight point said...

unfortunately true... to the extent of the mindset...

but i have a feeling that pace bowlers will be smiling at the end of day... :)

01/12/2009, 16:46  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Partly, but they will have no enthusiasm to wake up.:)

01/12/2009, 17:04  
Anonymous Som said...

I'm not as pessimistic. I reckon a result is possible and it would go in India's favour. Mendis not playing, Mural has lost aura, to the Indians, and Mahela's commitment doesn't look alright with me.

02/12/2009, 10:24  
Anonymous Ottayan said...


Now that Mendis is not plyaing and Murali's missing aura may well tilt the match in our favour.

02/12/2009, 12:37  

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