India- an undeserving No.1

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Simon Wilde believes India is an undeserving No.1 in Test cricket rankings.

Here are his reasons:
If one takes out their deification by their own fans, India is hardly obvious top-dog material. They remain a mentally fragile side, as their recent ODI defeat at home to Australia showed. Having done much of the hard work in chasing a mammoth 351 in Hyderabad, they choked within sight of the winning line. Their spirits broken, they barely turned up for the next game. It was another format of the game admittedly, but it exposed India’s lack of belief – as did their reluctance to subject themselves to the new umpiring referral system.
Note that the main thrust of his argument has nothing to do with the way India performs as a Test side.

In fact, what this bigotry reveals is that the English are unable to digest India’s ascendancy in cricket and still believe that only the white man can claim supremacy.

(P.S. I personally believe the ranking method needs an overhaul)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simon Wilde can think whatever he likes and we are not going to listen to his crap. How on earth he can say India doesn't deserve to be No:1 in tests by putting some examples from recent ODIs.

I think at the moment we deserve to be No:1 but to confirm it to the rest of the world we definitely have to win test series in Australia and South Africa.

06/12/2009, 17:42  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

Absolutely right Baiju,we can shut these mealy mouthed guys by winning a series against Australia and South Africa.

06/12/2009, 18:19  
Blogger straight point said...

oh! thanks ott... i was thinking from where this smell of burning ass was coming from... now i know it... :)

i hope he is not embarrassed by writing it and times for publishing it... my views...

07/12/2009, 18:05  

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