India Tops Test Cricket Rankings

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The 2-0 series triumph over Sri Lanka sealed the top test cricket ranking for India.

The No.1 ranking is a result of India’s consistent performance in Test cricket over an extended period.

The fact that India has never slipped below the third rank since 2007 exemplifies India’s consistency.

In addition, the fact that more points is awarded for overseas wins and for beating higher ranked teams, in this case Australia and South Africa should lighten the heart of Indian cricket fans and tongue-tie the critics.

A look at their overseas record, India drew a test series in Australia, defeated Pakistan, New Zealand, England and West Indies is sure to silence those who believe that India can win only in favorable conditions.

However, the fact that India is yet to win a series in Australia and in South Africa is an unforgivable blemish, better rectified sooner than later.

Sadly, the BCCI mandarin’s have structured the Test schedules in such a way that India is denied the opportunity to not only hold on to their rankings but also a chance to take on South Africa and Australia in the near future.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really is a ridiculous test match scheduling for India for the future.Only 2 tests and that also against Bangladesh in the next 10 months.Really crap scheduling from BCCI.

Btw..in your site when I scroll down all the Ads and pictures seems to come down with it which is blocking my view to read the article. Can u please check...Cheers

08/12/2009, 13:47  
Anonymous Ottayan said...

I think BCCI was taken by surprise. A situation they were in when India won the T20 World Cup.

You can be sure that they will start concentrating on Tests very soon.

Regarding Ads I find no problem and neither have anyone else complained.

Can you let me know if it persists when you use a different browser?

08/12/2009, 16:50  

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